Payment for membership and training should be made via PayPal on receipt of your invoice and in all cases before training starts.
New members joining LSR for Wednesday night training pay for an initial block of training up to the Christmas break, and then for a second block covering the remainder of the training year from January to June. This is option is only available to Wednesday night new starts.

Masters also pay for their training in two blocks, August-December and January-June.

All other members pay for the whole training year up front. Invitations to train together with the relevant invoices are sent out in June each year and the fee must be paid by 31 July.
Please note that if payment is not received by the due date, LSR reserves the right to offer the place to another member or prospective member.

Training costs are set by the Club’s Treasurer and agreed by the Committee each year.  They are set at a ‘break-even’ level to cover the Club’s projected costs over the forthcoming year.

If a member is unable to train for a period of six weeks or more due to illness or injury, a partial refund may be granted provided (a) you advise of the illness/injury as soon as you are aware that it might result in extended absence, and in all cases before the end of the term in which the absence started, and (b) you can provide a doctor’s note or other medical evidence.  

If a member withdraws from the Club, the Committee will only consider a partial refund of fees in exceptional circumstances.  Any refund is entirely at the Committee’s discretion.