Seed Points

Seed points only apply for U14’s and older.

One of the aims of ski racing is to improve – ie lower – your seed points. This gives you a direct comparison vs other racers in your age category.

Everyone starts on 999.99 points.

You will have a separate set of points for different surfaces.

BASS – for snow races, you will have different points for SL, GS and SG.

oBARTS – outdoor artificial slopes

iBARTS – indoor artificial snow, eg Braehead

Calculating seed points is based on your race time against the winner of that race, with an applied penalty. So, if you do well in a race against someone with low points, then your ranking is improved significantly.

Seed lists are updated several times a year and can be seen on

FIS racers have their own set of points.

NB to compete in the British Championships you need to have less than 400 points in any discipline.