Summer Camp


One week during the school summer holidays.

Grouped by age and stage

Daily fitness sessions, interval training, stretching, team challenge, ACE test, hill


Entry Criteria

  1. Open to any LSR member aged 9+ (open to non-members if spaces available)
  2. Personal commitment to ski race training


 Learning Outcomes

  1. Improve carving
  2. Develop basic technique
  3. Develop the skillsquest themes – Rotary, Pressure, Edging, Balance
  4. Develop technique in SL,GS, DUALS, SKI X courses
  5. Fitness link to skiing
  6. ACE score


Pre Scottish / British / Twin Peaks Gates Training

Tuesdays 6.30-8.30 before races

Open coaching style

Ski race training with an emphasis on skiing gates and personal development